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About the Teacher & Studio

About Susie Munns

I have a bachelors degree in Music Education K-12 and music has been a integral part of my life since early childhood. I began piano lessons at the age of 5,  guitar at the age of 9, accordion at 12 years old. Then I started  percussion my freshman year in high school.

Music has been taught and enjoyed by my family for over 4 generations. My mom has taught privately for as long as I can remember.   She is my inspiration and started me on this path.  I remember going to visit my grandmother… listening to her play “rag-time piano” and hearing the stories about my great grandfather who played the fiddle by ear.

Music is to be enjoyed by the performer and the audience. My goal for each student is, that they would enjoy their musical journey and improve their musical skills at the same time!

About the Studio

Incorporating the latest technology, our studio houses three digital Yamaha Clavinova keyboards as well as a Steinway Baby Grand piano. Various guitars, ukuleles, rhythm instruments and drums fill the space.

Our classes incorporate hands-on music theory, iPad applications and much more.​ Visit our Music Lessons page to see our current class offerings.

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